This week we talk with Jim Blazevich of NavLife. Years ago, Jim learned (the hard way) that his wife wouldn’t know what to do if he passed.

Sure, he had life insurance the other “precautions” and measures we typically put in place, but there were still so many questions…

Who could fix the cars?

How would the business run?

Could she login to his computer and access the things she needed to know?

Although many of us don’t like thinking about such things, they’re necessary. The death rate is, well… 100%. Sooner or later, we all “tap out.”

Though we can’t decide what happens WHEN we go or even HOW we go, we can make some decisions which affect what happens to the people we love the most AFTER we go…

NavLife is a program that empowers you NOW to equip the people who matter the most to know what to do LATER.

In this episode, we talk all about those awkward, yet necessary questions…

… and we provide you with a tool to set everything in place.

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