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Dr. George Grant is a renowned author! Take the time to jump into part of his amazing collection and grab your copy of one of his books today!

Killer Angel

A shocking look at the abortion industry’s patron saint. This book is an expose that tells the true story of the work of Margaret Sanger.

An Experiment In Liberty

G.K. Chesterton once quipped that America is the only nation founded on a creed. This book is the story of how that happened.

Anne Bradstreet: Passionate Femininity

“Douglas Wilson has accomplished with this book what every biographer ought to accomplish: He has enlightened for us an entire age and not just a single representation of that age.” ~George Grant


Reformation Biographies

Seventh Annual Credenda/Agenda History Conference (2002)

A Classical Primer Audio Download

This 8 talk audio set, mostly from past Association of Classical and Christian Schools conferences, will give listeners an overview of what classical education is all about. There is some philosophy, but much practical information too.

Biographies of Great American Saints

Fifth Annual Credenda/Agenda History Conference (2000)