The One who can create mountains and stars and fish and birds and everything else with a word- or even heal the sick by saying so- can certainly “snap His fingers” and adjust reality…

But He often doesn’t.

Exodus 13:17-18… tells us that when the Children of Israel left Egypt, God INTENTIONALLY took them- here’s the quote- “the long way.” He reasoned that if they went the “short way,” straight through the Philistines country (think: David vs. Goliath), they would have shuddered. They hadn’t seen war, so they would have returned to slavery.

So, He led them straight towards the Red Sea and right into the wilderness (yes, all of THAT- yet, the long way- was EASIER than the short way). And, the long way equipped them for things they didn’t yet possess…

In this episode of the podcast, George tells us how the Lord pulled together fragments of his story- which may have seemed disconnected at one time- together into a solid story of redemption. With the Father, we’re always right where we need to be. Even if it seems like we took the long way to get there.



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