Ultimately, discipleship always points people to something beyond themselves AND even beyond the person doing the discipling.

Throughout the New Testament, Paul repeatedly said, “Follow me, as I follow Christ.”

That is, “Look at me, yes. I’ll show you how to do some of this… but, I’m looking at Jesus… and that’s REALLY who I want you to see and imitate.”

In this talk we discuss that fact that, in this way, we imitate LIFE- not just information. And, discipleship is connected to all of life.

As Abraham Kuyper said, “There’s not one square inch in all of creation whereby Christ doesn’t say…. mine.”

This means discipleship involves orthodoxy, yes…

But it also includes how we raise children. And how we do business. And what we think about the environment and art and our skills and sports and everything we do.

Whatever we do, we do to the glory of God (Colossians 3).

And when we do this well, and when we do this relationally strong, we see that the Kingdom of God DOES grow like a mustard seed. It starts small, in unexpected ways. But, the influence breaks through in ground-breaking ways (just like a seed pushing through the dirt), such that a huge tree is created, enabling others to take shelter underneath the canopy of its grace.