In episode 34 of the Standfast-Cast we begin a new series about discipleship- what it is, how it works, and why we do it.

In this talk, we discuss the WHAT.

Discipleship is a word that’s tossed around church circles- a lot. People are for it. They think we need more of it. But, few of us can really define it.

Or, when we do, we define it in terms of books read, blanks filled out, and questions answered. In other words, we reduce it to an intellectual pursuit.

In Jesus’ day, though, discipleship involved the intellect, but it was primarily a relational endeavor from which everything else flowed.

Remember Jesus’ original call?

“Follow Me.”

That is, let’s walk together. 

In fact, Mark says that Jesus called them 12 primarily so that “they might be with Him” and THEN “that He might send them out” (Mark 3:14). 

In this 20-minute discussion we reflect on how most of what we know- and DO- is caught rather than taught. And, if it’s something which we WERE taught, it probably flowed from the context of a relationship rather than mere information exchange.


Michael Card’s book “The Walk”-