This talk takes us to chapter 2 of Mark and one of the most famous stories of all, the story in which Jesus heals that’s lowered through a roof by his four friends.

Now, before we go there, we talk about the geography of the area for a bit. You see, Jesus’ home based became Capernaum. It’s likely He “worked” from Peter’s home, as this fishing village may very well have been the hometown of two sets of brothers, Peter & Andrew, as well as James & John.

Notice the map below- and see the various areas where we find Jesus throughout His ministry. The sea provided easy access everywhere, it insured food (and water) were available, and it provided Him with access to crowds.

In this story, Jesus teaches a group of people who gather to hear him. Remember, at the end of chapter 1, due to touching a leper, Jesus moved to the remote / desolate areas (1:45). When He returns, word travels quickly.

The crowd becomes so large that no one else can come near. So, when four friends arrive with a paralytic friend, the go to the roof, tear a hole in the house, and lower their friend to the feet of Jesus.

Far from simply lifting a few leaves on a thatched hut, this was a big deal. It broke all social norms and conventions and destroyed someone’s home.

Jesus sees THEIR faith and marvels, however (2:5).

At this, the religious leaders (they’ve gathered to hear Him, too), begin questioning in their hearts as to whether or not Jesus can do this- “Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

Jesus perceives this- through their silence.

Then He asks them which is easier- to speak a word of forgiveness or to physically heal someone?

Presumably speaking a word of forgiveness is easier, because Jesus does the more difficult in order to prove He can do the first. He tells them man to take his mat and walk.

The bystanders are in awe. They’ve never seen anything like that, they declare.

And they haven’t. Remember, this the first miracle Mark records. We know the rest of the story- that Jesus is about to unleash a healing frenzy throughout Israel. But, they don’t yet know that.

What are the takeaways?

Listen in…

We talk about the place of faith, we discuss who Jesus really wants to save, and more.


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