It’s easy for us to “spiritualize” verses like Galatians 5:1- “It’s for freedom Christ set us free.”

However, all of these verses are to be lived-out in the present, in this life now. And, far from just giving us spiritual freedom (as incredible as that is), Christ brings freedom to every area of life.

The religious reformers realized this. On the heels of turning their ecclesiastical structures upside down, they recognized that the same structure there should inform even government.

Priests were no more entitled than kings; kings were no more entitled than priests.

The concept of a “priesthood of all believers” had radical implications. No only could everyone serve in the church, they could be called in every sphere of life.

In this episode of the StandFast Cast we discuss how that simple concept reverberated across the Atlantic and had major ramifications for the New World.


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