In this episode we outline six things your church can do to end poverty.

1. Develop a robust deacons ministry

Elders work with words, deacons work with their hands. We need to keep the two unconfused, and make sure we do both. Notably, this ministry should begin on a very practical level “in house.”

Much of this is preventative… helloing people stay OUT of poverty, as much as rescuing them FROM it.

2. Develop a charity and relief plan now- before anyone in your church needs it

Connect your church to solid ministries. Your church doesn’t have to do everything, but it can find other ministries that do things well… 

Lean into them (and help fund them), allowing them to use their area of expertise more fully.

Think about it. It’s probably best if every church doesn’t have a-

  • Clothes closet
  • Food pantry
  • Counseling service
  •  Foster care ministry
  • Help fund these ministries!

3. Recommend the #2 charities after ministry.

Send your volunteers there. Help them stay alive and thrive!

4. Find another church and swap resources…

This isn’t an argument for codependency or colonialism… but you don’t have to go overseas to find someone in need. You can- and should- learn from each other, using the collective resource of the Kingdom, just as we see throughout the New Testament.

5. Networking… business, government, service groups…

We don’t see the distinction made as much in history and in Scripture as we do now, where everyone fits into “tight categories.” Some people are called to work in the marketplace, others are called to work in the church. Celebrate that, and leverage the gifts of people where they are. As you do, more resources will come together and greater needs can be met.

6. Abandon the “dualistic” and “platonic” theology (p146f.).

Develop a “theology of now” (see p149).

The Kingdom is now. The Kingdom is within you…


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