In lesson 2 of the Colossians study, George talks about the importance of studying the Scripture.

Thomas Chalmers had been a pastor for eight years before he discovered the riches of diving deep into the Word. Then, upon doing so, he determined to make the Bible the Vode Mecham (“Book of Reference”) for all of life.

One concept he kept in view when undertaking this task was what he referred to as “reading the Bible in all directions.” That is, he wanted to read it…

  • Back— and look at the current text in light of what he already knew to be true.
  • Forward— looking at the current text in light of the already-known “end of the story.”
  • Up— reviewing the bigger themes of the overall Story of God and His revelation to us.
  • Down— driving deep into the text.

As he did so, Chalmers was amazed (as we all are) at how many “new” things he uncovered every time he reviewed the same passages. The revelation of Scripture, though given “once for all time,” was truly unfolding.

After discussing the importance of this “reading in all directions,” George leads the group through Colossians 2, equipping them as they work through that particular text, reading it in “all the ways.”


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