All Scripture is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16-17). It’s all of value for all of life.

Yet there are certain passages we tend to “fly-over,” to borrow a term from Bible teacher Bruce Wilkinson. That is, we often see numbers, genealogies, or farewells at the end of letters… and we tend to just “skip” to the next seemingly important passage.

But, if all of the Word is truly Spirit-inspired, what can we learn from these lesser-read texts?

Colossians 4 is one such example. The first 6 verses look “normal,” like the scriptures we tend to read. Then, the final 12 verses are, well… they look like “filler.”

But when we dive into the end, we learn about wisdom and relationships and the connections Paul had— the same experiences we’re invited into with each other.


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