In this episode we begin with a ramble… about how and why George keeps the routine he does, and where he meets with the Lord.

Here’s one thing you’ll learn: it’s easier than you think. That is, we often make it too complex.

Here’s another: when you write things down (i.e., with pen and paper— not typing!), your mind connects in a greater way to to what you’re doing. That is, writing helps us become fully present, in the moment.

Umberto Eco said it best, “I don’t write so I’ll can remember things later. I wrote so I can learn things now.”

The neurological process of engagement amplifies when we write.

Dawson Trotter, the founded of the Navigators, often said that “thoughts untangle themselves when we write them down…”

And, from a secular perspective, Francis Bacon said that “reading makes a man grow wide, but writing makes him grow deep.”

In this talk we discuss the importance of journaling— and how writing isn’t just for reference back in the future. Rather, it’s for now. It’s a process that helps us engage fully in the moment.


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