In Mark 1 we learn that Jesus “showed up” every single day. The disciples observed that early in the morning, every morning, He moved away to pray.

In this episode we continue last week’s conversation. We talk about, like Jesus did, showing up.

But then we go farther…

What do you actually do when you “get there,” when you carve that sacred space to commune with the Father…?

Here, we talk about the importance of mining the truths of Scripture:

* Read through an app
* Or find a downloadable “through the Bible” plan
* Or purchase a version of the Bible on Amazon (or a bookstore) than enables you to work through the Bible bit-by-bit.

Often, we think the “plan” is the magical thing, but it’s not…

The plan is the tool we use to step into the throne room of grace, where we’re promised we’ll find help in our time of need.

So pick a plan.

Need one? Right now, we’re working through the Keystones in the Standfast Community. We’d love to have you join us— go to for more info.


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