This year we look— as we do every four years— at a “historical election.”

Let’s be honest about it. The last one was historical. As was the one before that. And the one before that. And, yes, even the one before that…

In fact, they’re all “historical.”

But what matters more than a “historical” election are the things you and I do every single day to govern ourselves. It’s not that the elections don’t matter, it’s just that, well… our private lives— and what we do with them— matter more.

We tend to flip things upside down.

We assume that the government is the most important area of authority. And then we presume that our churches might provide a close “second.”


When we look at the Scripture, we see something radically different.

The first arena of authority God created was the family. And, individuals make up that family. That means the things which you and I do each day— not every four years— have exponentially more power than what happens in Washington.

In fact, you could argue that what happens there is really a reflection of what happens here…