In the Scottish Reformed tradition, a modified version of the Medieval devotional practice of Lectio Divina, had long been practiced. This was originally a four-step approach to studying the Scriptures…

—> first, Lectio or reading.

—> second, Meditatio or thinking.

—> third, Oratio or praying, and…

—> fourth Contemplatio or living..

The method enabled believers to deeply reflect on the truth of the Scriptures and then to practically respond to it. To this approach, the Scots Reformers added an additional step…

—> Evangelii or Gospel.

So, a believer would take note of all the details of the whole passage, observing (Lectio).

Then, he or she would seek to understand what those details teach, discerning (Meditatio). Then, the believer would pray through the passage, worshiping (Oratio). Next, he or she would con- template the practical implications of the passage, applying (Contemplatio). And finally, the believer would ask, where are the doctrines of grace in this passage, contextualizing (Evan- gelii)?