This January and February, Dr. Grant set aside 4 weeks to teach the Keystones at his church, Parish Presbyterian, during the “Sunday school” hour. Rather than just talking about the Keystones, however, he chose to lead them through the 4 chapters of Colossians to illustrate how to “do” the Keystones.

What are the Keystones?

The Keystones are a method of Scripture study + memory based on the historical practice of Lectio Divina (Divine Reading), a spiritual disciplined utilized by the church for centuries.

But there’s a new twist on it.

In the early 1800s, pastor Thomas Chalmers (Scotland) experienced a radical conversion. Though he’d been preaching for several years, an encounter with the Lord moved his knowledge from a “head” knowledge (only) to a full-blown heart-encounter. He developed a living faith.

In order to get the Word of God into his heart, he determined to identity the key passage in each chapter of the Bible (the “keystone,” the one that gave the peculiar sense or unique focus of that portion of Scripture). This provided him with “key” verses to m memorize, as well as impart to others.

In this verse lesson, Dr. Grant talks more about Chalmers’ background and the methodology he developed.

Then, he launches into Colossians 1.

(Be sure to listen with a notebook nearby— or, even better, download the study guide at



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