Ernie Yarbrough introduces talk #3 in our throwback series…

In Dr. George Grant’s lecture entitled “Theology of Wonder – Integrating the Humanities,” our modern view of a fragmented education that serves primarily utilitarian purposes is confronted with a beautiful and covenantal pattern of education that connects all of life with meaning, purpose and unity. Dr. Grant reminds us that God’s pattern and plan for creation is the basis for all our learning and cultural endeavors — a diverse and rich platform to display His glory and show us His love and holiness.

We are tempted in today’s world to view architecture, agriculture, math, science, biology and the study of space— just to name a few— as largely separate spheres of study. Dr. Grant shows us that when we embrace a biblical worldview, we are confronted in every field study with a theology of wonder as we employ Humanities & Moral Philosophy (the old names for history) to discover the glory of God in the historical and academic accomplishments of mankind.

This “fuller” approach not only gives us a glimpse into the wonder of His works, but it unifies all of our studies in the pursuit of biblical wisdom.

After all, there’s nothing that doesn’t exist under the authority of Christ, right?

(This talk comes from George’s 2008 lecture at the ACCS— Association of Christian and Classical Schools— conference.)


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