Discipleship works best when it’s imparted through relationships and not mere words. That is, it involves a transfer of heart and soul mores than just facts and data.

In this talk we discuss one of the fundamental nuances of HOW we were created. Namely, we were made for relationship.

The Fall fractured relationships, but the Gospel mends them. Restores them. Heals them.

Before the Fall Adam and Eve walked in the Garden with the Creator of all things. Afterwards, they hid. Of course, He still pursued them, showing us that grace super-abounds even when sin is present.

Discipleship goes back to this fundamental fact of how we were made. We weren’t made to learn in isolation. We were made for each other. We were created for community.

This becomes important all the more during the inevitable tough seasons of life, when we lean into the relational reserves we’ve developed during the easier times. When the hard moments comes, we CAN speak truth to each other directly, reminding each other of the ultimate triumph of good- even when it seems evil is prevailing. We can impart hope and healing.