Tis the season to… sponsor an angel child, send a shoe box of gifts, volunteer at a soup kitchen, gift blankets and jackets and hats…

That is, it’s the season for charity.

Christmas is a time when we typically thing about people in need. We fill up the red kettles as The Salvation Army bell ringers welcome us to the shopping malls, and more…

But need knows no season.

And rather than giving hand-outs (which we actually SHOULD do), we’re called to do more.

Biblical compassion digs deeper and goes farther than charity. Biblical compassion drives at the root causes of the need. Rather than addresses the surface issues, true compassion drives at the systems creating those needs in the first place.

Compassion calls us to look at oppression. And to really evaluate our place.

In this talk we discuss a few things you can do…

It starts with living with your eyes wide open, walking with an awareness as to what’s happening around you and allowing the Spirit to speak.

And it continues as you connect with people in relationship. Whereas “charity” happens as a “one off” AND can happen in a disconnected way, Biblical compassion can’t.

And, finally, it requires time. It’s a long-term commitment to walking with people in relationship, which is one of the true currencies of the Kingdom.


Links mentioned in this talk-

Website- GeorgeGrant.net
In the Shadow of Plenty book- https://amzn.to/2VhEMzz