Jacob Frank introduces this talk by Dr. Grant from over TWENTY YEARS AGO!

Jacob meant George just a few years ago (and was in school when this talk was first delivered). Further, in Jacob’s words, “I was in awe not just by what he was teaching, but by his passion!”

In this talk, George discusses things we were “robbed” of— the things we didn’t learn.

Turns out, when memory (or memorials) are lacking, people are prone to even more forgetfulness. And, we lose the lessons of the past.

Lest we despair, though, there is hope. We can access truth and move forward.

Furthermore, looking at the past isn’t simply about living in the past— or conjuring up nostalgia. Rather, it’s about looking back in order to live forward.

(This 20-plus year-old talk comes from George’s 1999 lecture at the ACCS— Association of Christian and Classical Schools— conference.)


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