Killer Angel (paperback)


In life and death, the progenitor of the grizzly abortion industry and the patron of the devastatingly destructive sexual revolution has been lauded as a “radiant” and “courageous” reformer.

She has been heralded FALSE by friend and foe alike as a “heroine,” a “champion,” a “saint,” and a “martyr.”

Honored by men as different and divergent as H. G. Wells and Martin Luther King, George Bernard Shaw and Harry Truman, Bertrand Russell and John D. Rockefeller, Albert Einstein and Dwight Eisenhower, this remarkable “killer angel” was able to secret away her perverse atrocities, emerging in the annals of history practically vindicated and victorious. That this could happen is a scandal of grotesque proportions.

The organization she founded, Planned Parenthood, is the oldest, largest, and best-organized provider of abortion and birth control services in the world.

From its ignoble beginnings around the turn of the century, when the entire shoestring operation consisted of an illegal back-alley clinic in a shabby Brooklyn neighborhood staffed by a shadowy clutch of firebrand activists and anarchists.

The organization has used its considerable political, institutional, and financial clout to mainstream old-school left-wing extremism. It has weighed in with sophisticated lobbying, advertising, and back-room strong-arming to virtually remove the millennium-long stigma against child-killing abortion procedures and family-sundering socialization programs.

Planned Parenthood thus looms like a Goliath over the increasingly tragic culture war.

5.5 x 8.5, 114 pages



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