Hero Tales of American History (paperback)


Writing at the threshold of the twentieth century, Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924) and Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1916) believed that a recovery of statesmanship was the only hope for the American nation—then mired in political corruption, bureaucratic wrangling, and legislative gridlock. Thus, the stories of the nation’s early days and early heroes were tales they were particularly eager to tell.

Over the course of the next two decades both men would rise meteorically to places of prominence and power. But, as they wrote these tales they were only beginning their public service careers. They were enthralled with the idealistic notion that they might be used to herald a new day of American greatness by recovering memories of an earlier day of national heroism.

The republication of this volume a century and a quarter after its initial publication is a welcome opportunity to remind yet another new generation of leaders of the great story of liberty. In an age when politicians abound but statesmen are all too rare, these stories are perhaps timelier than ever.



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