Classical Education and Nation Building (Throwback #4)

Perry Coghlan introduces another talk by George in this “throwback” lecture.

(Perry also introduced the first talk in the series, SF73.)

He offers a warning on this one, though…

He says you might NOT want to listen to it. He offers four reasons why—

#1- if you don’t appreciate brutal honesty, don’t listen.

#2- if you don’t want to learn through tough situations, don’t listen.

#3- if you don’t want to dive deep… that is, you want a happy-clappy talk, then don’t listen.

#4- if you don’t want to learn about saints in the past endured hard things… definitely don’t listen.

That said, he suggests three reasons why you might WANT to take the time to pay close attention to what George says over the next hour—

Reason #1- if you want to learn how saints in the past endured— and changed culture…

Reason #2- if you want to see how to create a generational legacy…

Reason #3- if you want to see how your daily choices matter now…

… you owe it to yourself to pause and pay attention.

(This talk comes from George’s 2004 lecture at the ACCS— Association of Christian and Classical Schools— conference.)


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